Course Description

A comprehensive overview on the issues surrounding eating disorders and athletes.

Sports Dietitian

Allison Mankowski MPH, RD

Allison is a life-long athlete and sports enthusiast. She was an all-state track and field athlete and competitive cheerleader prior to attending the University of Michigan, where she was a four-year member and senior captain of the cheerleading team. Her experience in and love of athletics led her to pursue her bachelors degree in Movement Science from the School of Kinesiology and then to continue on to get her master’s degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health, with the goal of helping other athletes through sports nutrition. She has continued her involvement in athletics by training and competing as a CrossFit athlete and has also run two half marathons, numerous 5K and 10K’s, a triathlon and multiple adventure races.Allison brings important experience to the topic of eating disorders in athletes, not just as a former athlete and current professional in the field of sports nutrition, but also as a successful cheerleading coach at the high school level for the past 10 years. This gives her the personal perspective of being on the front line, coaching and working with young athletes every day. She has spoken at numerous coaching conferences on the unique aspects of Eating Disorders in Athletes, helping coaches, administrators and trainers to understand their role in promoting healthy athletes and helping those athletes who may be struggling with this issue.Allison currently works as the sports dietitian and head of the Eating Disorder Management Team for Eastern Michigan University Athletics and as the consultant dietitian for the Detroit Lions. In addition to this, she works for Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools through the University of Michigan Health system, counseling middle school and high school students on healthy eating and physical activity behaviors. She also meets regularly with many local high school and youth sports teams to share her expertise in sports nutrition. When she is not working or training, Allison enjoys being with her husband and son, hiking, attending sporting events and spending time on the lake sailing or wakeboarding.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Prevalence of Eating Disorders

    • Prevalence of Eating Disorders

  • 2

    Recognizing Eating Disorders

    • Recognizing Eating Disorders

  • 3

    Causes of Eating Disorders

    • Causes of Eating Disorders

  • 4

    Dangers of Eating Disorders

    • Dangers of Eating Disorders

  • 5

    Treatment of Eating Disorders

    • Treatment of Eating Disorders

  • 6

    Recovery from Eating Disorders

    • Recovery from Eating Disorders

  • 7

    Prevention of Eating Disorders

    • Prevention of Eating Disorders

  • 8

    Eating Disorders Resources

    • Eating Disorders Resources